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The Most Popular Social Media Sites

Social networks are impossible to escape. Odds are that anyone you meet has a profile on at least one social network, and probably more. Much of our leisure time spent on the Internet is used by checking social networking sites, and this is where many people are able to catch up on what’s going on in family or friends’ lives, or even see what’s new in the world. When beginning research on all social networking sites, one begins to realize that there are more sites than anyone could possibly remember, let alone use. Therefore, we’ll focus on the top five. Ranked from highest to lowest popularity, the top five social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus. These are the sites that most of the world is using, and that you should know about.


Facebook is the site where everyone has a presence. Users can find everyone from the cute boy in gym class to their great-grandma on the site. Users post pictures and status updates, showing a part of their lives to ‘friends’. This network is used by all types of people and has the potential to be a huge global connecting tool, allowing people in different cities, states,  and countries to remain connected. In descending order, the top five countries that use Facebook are the USA, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico. Most people using the site, at least  in the US and India, are in the ’millennial’ range, from 18-34 years old.


The world’s second most popular social network, Twitter, is built on simplicity. Users are given 140 characters to send a message. Because of the short messages, updates come  frequently, making the network very active. Twitter is a great place for users to share quick thoughts or opinions, share links, and just shout out to/have a conversation with brands or  other twitter users. To expand the experience, users are able to favorite or retweet others’ tweets, extending the reach of one person’s message. This network is most popular in the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Brazil, and the majority of Twitter users are between the ages of 20 and 24.


The object of LinkedIn is to connect professional people remotely. Users add other professionals as ‘connections’, and are able to share their skills, work, and education experience, as  well as recommendations and endorsements from friends and coworkers. This site is fantastic for keeping up to date with professional contacts, and remaining current on your industry. LinkedIn provides the opportunity to ‘follow’ brands or influencers to read their most recent news, and be updated on any coming events or job openings. LinkedIn is most popular in the United States, followed by India, Brazil, the U.K., and Canada.


Different from Facebook and Twitter, in which users share what they’ve done or are doing, Pinterest is more aspirational. On this platform, users ‘pin’ photos of what they WANT to do. This can be a recipe they want to make, a design they want to use in a room, or maybe even something they want to build. These pins can be meant to plan and motivate the user, to  help them do whatever it is they are aspiring to do. The majority of Pinterest users are female, and the platform is most popular in the United States. After the U.S., Pinterest is most popular in Canada, the U.K., Australia, and finally Mexico.

Google Plus

This platform has a bit of a reputation for not be used...ever….by anyone. However, it ranks as the 5th most popular social networking site so they must be doing some things right. IDKKKKKK! Google Plus is most popular in the United States, but followed by India, Brazil, the U.K., and Canada. In every one of these networks and countries, the majority of users are between the ages of 18 and 34. However, over half of the U.S. population between the ages of 45 and 54 are on at least one social networking site. This digital culture allows for entire families to keep in touch and stay up to date on each others lives. Most people are active on at least one social network, but with the myriad of options available, you can be on one or twenty. Social media is a great way to keep in touch and enjoy photos and updates on family and friends.