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Free & Open Source Bug & Issues Trackers

Keeping track of issues and bugs when you're doing web design or web development on a new site is a vital part of the process.

However a lot of project management tools don't have a nice actionable way to work through the issues, and who really needs one more bill for another piece of software on their stack.

With that in mind I've compiled a list of free and/or open source issue trackers, some of which are self hosted while others are cloud based.

DebugleCloudModern, simple, and intuative.
GitlabCloudBest free option for large teams.
GithubCloudFree only includes public issue tracker
BitbucketCloudFree for up to 5 users.
MantisBTSelfOpen source, free addons.
BugzillaSelfMultiple extensions and browser plugins.
TracSelfOpen source.
Snowy EveningCloud1 private project, 3 users, no file storage.
FlyspraySelfIntuative and easy to use.
Request TrackerSelfOpen source, written in Perl.
YodizCloudFree for up to 3 users.
AsanaCloudUp to 15 members.