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Discover Some Effective Instagram Tricks for Professional Graphic Designers to Steal the Show in 2019

Kristen Social Media Tips

It could be pretty challenging to stand tall among the competition. However, be sure to boost your graphic design brand and business if you are able to learn and follow the expert tricks for achieving Instagram success for your creative brand. Instagram is surely a social media platform that encourages a tremendous amount of creativity and motivates you to present different effective techniques for presenting your brand in the future. It is a well-known fact that Instagram attracts more of a younger audience and 59 percent of Instagram users belong to the age group ranging from 18 years to 29 years. Instagram is the right channel for promoting yourself as a freelance graphic designer or to boost your graphic design agency by creating brand awareness for a whole new market or renewing your existing client base.

Instagram is certainly not all about generating a fascinating feed. It is no longer in vogue to go absolutely crazy about mindless selfies. You simply cannot achieve success on Instagram simply by posting stunning images. You need to do some smart marketing if you are thinking in terms of expanding your brand and building a blossoming community. Instagram is a highly popular social media platform that is a powerful channel for highly-creative graphic design professionals provided they know the best way of harnessing this powerful platform. Along with a robust Instagram presence and a perfect online design portfolio you could effectively showcase your creativity and present your unique graphic designs in a professional manner. Here are some simple but effective Instagram tips to boost your brand on this highly popular social networking site.

Remember to Optimize Your Instagram Bio

The very first important tip is to start by understanding the importance of your bio. You must realize that the bio is the actual window to your Instagram account. It plays a pivotal part in enticing users to look further into your Instagram account. It is a brief description of who you actually are and what are the things you intend to offer. You have just 150 characters to flaunt your uniqueness and showcase your skills. Your bio obviously, must have your user name. Incorporate a really catchy and truly informative description regarding your graphic design business and add some relevant hashtags. It is extremely important to incorporate a link to your official graphic design website and include a Call to Action or CTA. Suppose you are having multiple blogs or sites, you may use effective tools like Linktree for incorporating seamlessly multiple links in your bio.

Develop Your Unique Creative Style

As per, “This is a simple step to understand, but hard to do. When you produce visual content for Instagram, you have to create a graphical ‘flavor’ that will represent your brand. You want to make sure that whenever someone sees your content, they can instantly recognize that the content is issued from you.”  You could achieve your uniqueness by using certain colors only, the manner in which the photos are framed or the people who are in the photographs. Be consistent in what you do as a brand so that there is a definite boost in brand awareness and that your social media presence is enhanced. The point is to ensure that your target audience recognizes your brand at once and for that to happen, you must be consistent, as far as, your content is concerned.

It is important to flaunt your signature style so that everyone is able to recognize you or your brand thanks to your unique look. You need to understand that your overall visual appearance is actually the first thing that would be noticed by others. It is essential to develop a unique style which would be reflecting your personality. You must build this brand personality through all your pictures. Visit for seeking assistance in boosting your Instagram likes, views, and followers.

Create Follower Engagement

Engaging with followers is a great way to build goodwill. You can like comments, respond to them, thank them for their support, and even leave comments on their posts occasionally. You could even follow back the ardent followers as a token of appreciation. Dealing with the deluge of notifications can be difficult but you should take the time to interact with a few people every day to show your followers that you care for them.

Learn to Market Yourself

Identifying the market segment that you should target is the first step in your road to popularity. Find out how you can connect with your target audience and make adequate arrangements. Look up popular hashtags in your niche and find the users who use them the most. Go ahead and find out who they follow and whether they would be interested in what you have to offer. If you find people who believe in the causes you support, you can try to get them to collaborate with you and cross-promote to boost exposure. Remember to use popular hashtags to be visible to your community.

Consistency is the Key

To build any kind of momentum, you have to be rigorous and disciplined. Post every single day, pick out the right time to post and stick to a schedule once you find that it works for you. Put yourself out there and you will find that more people are able to find you. Experts suggest at least 3 posts a day, but you can start slow with a single post daily if you'd like.

Put the "Social" in the Network

Interaction is perhaps the most underrated aspect of the social media marketing process. What makes social media incredible is the community aspect. Be honest; be open and vocal on Instagram about what you believe and what you appreciate. Encourage communication, and do it yourself. Bots fool no one.

Conclusion: Interact & Partner with Other Graphic Designers

Life becomes more interesting and meaningful if we follow the give and take policy. Bartering your design skills could be a wonderful way of interacting professionally with other talented creative people. Partnering with another designer could lead to a win-win situation. For instance, suppose you are able to design amazing business cards but you are just not good at photography. In such a situation, you could get in touch with a friend who is brilliant at photography. This way you could take advantage of each other’s skills and network effectively with other graphic designers.

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